Monday, August 25, 2008

Major Progress

Chessboard complete

Needs washing and blocking, but other than that, the chessboard is finished.

Once I get started, it's hard to slow me down -- I got a lot of work done on this piece during the Olympics!

I've now started working on the chess pieces, and I think I'll be saving myself a lot of grief by knitting (in larger needles and yarn!) one of the kings up before I take on doing it for real with the tussah/camel. The thought of having to frog the thread (and likely more than once) is not an appealing one, so if I can get the bugs worked out first on a bigger version, I should be able to just rip through the ones I need.

OK, maybe rip is being more than a tad optimistic: it's going to take me awhile to knit the kings and the berserker, but by the time I finish them, knitting the pawn from looking at the pictures I've got should be less nerve-wracking.

she says fervently, crossing fingers and knocking on wood.

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