Monday, October 29, 2007

October 2007

Ready to Go
The brown locks had been combed years ago, when I first bought this wool.

Here's how I processed the white:

My favourite two-row dog comb and its pouch/protective covering
Twin-row comb
Several locks after washing and drying
Washed and Dried Locks
Two locks, ready for combing. Tips right, butts (the end closest to the sheep, when the fleece has been sheared) left
Ready to start
Tips combed out
Combed tips
Locks turned around, with butts ready to be combed
Combing the butts
Lock ready for spinning
The short ends, neps (tangled bits), and what spinners generally refer to as junk remaining on the comb. I'm saving this material and will use it to stuff the chess pieces.
Fish leather for the book cover.
Leather Cover
By the end of November, I hope to have most of the wool spun, will have purchased sufficient yardage of fine spun silk (or perhaps tussah silk and camel down, I'm still trying to decide), and will have started the knitting.

Check back soon, as I will be posting updates on a regular basis of my progress!

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